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Family Inkinen

The family Inkinen comes from the Carelian place called Kuolemajärvi referring to the nearby lake. There around the lake were many villages where our ansistors lived. The eldest village was called Inkilä.

This area was originally part of Republic of Finland and it is located near the cost of the Baltic Sea, not far from the cities of Viipuri (Vyborg) and St. Petersburg.

In official documents our family name occurs in the late 16th century. Our original name was "Inger" or "Ingere", which presumable refers to Denmark. Later the name changed to "Ingine" and "Inginen" and finally, in the late 19th century, "Inkinen". 

In the turn of the 19th and 20th century the source of livelihood was mainly trading with Russians but also fishing and farming. During the World War II the Family Inkinen had to leave their home. Our lands and the village Inkilä has since belonged to Soviet Union and Russia. All the buildings in the village Inkilä were destroyed during the war. But the beautiful nature and the warm atmosphere is still there. In the summertime thousands of roses are blooming in the ruins of the village.

However many members of our family have been able to visit Inkilä and the surroundings during the recent years. And many of us are going to go there in this spring and summer too.

Today most of the Inkinen family live in the southwestern part of Finland, in towns like Lemu, Raisio, Kaarina, Sauvo and Turku. But also in the metropolitan area in Espoo, Helsinki and other places like the town of Kajaani in the northern part of the Finland. 

There are members of the Inkinen family all over the world. 
For example in Denmark, Great Britain, the Philippines, Spain, Sweden and United States. 

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